The Truck Accident Emergency Response Team Proves Critical In Preserving Evidence.

The Truck Accident Emergency Response Team Proves Critical In Preserving Evidence.

The trucking accident attorneys at our Law Firm have a trucking accident emergency response team of investigative specialists to preserve critical evidence and data when our clients are involved in a trucking accident. The efforts of this important team should result in higher settlements and verdicts for our clients. We also formed this trucking accident emergency response team because the insurance companies for the truck drivers and companies are informed within hours of the collision and mobilize their experts to the scene, gaining an edge in winning the case. At the same time, our clients are being treated for their injuries or grieving a loss of a loved one. The trucking accident emergency response team levels the playing field against the trucking companies and their drivers. Because of the complexities of trucking cases, our Law Firm formed the trucking accident emergency response team so its expert investigators can gather all the evidence within days and sometimes hours of a trucking accident.

Preserving evidence is critical in determining negligence and all the violations of the federal motor safety regulations that govern truck drivers and truck companies’ conduct and often result in higher recoveries for our clients as otherwise key data can be lost or destroyed. Trucking accident cases have multiple details that may be overlooked but are crucial in building a strong case. Our trucking accident emergency response team has worked with the top experts and investigators in the country who can be mobilized to a truck accident scene as soon as the clients inform our team of truck accident lawyers that they have been a victim of a truck accident.

Our team of expert investigators immediately begin photographing the roadway, searching for remaining debris, obtaining full measurements of the roadway, skid or braking marks, photographing speed limit signs and any caution signs, interviewing all witnesses at the scene of the crash, and visiting where the vehicles involved in the collision are stored. Our response team immediately began downloading the electronic control module evidence that was in the truck, which records the speed and braking and the engine data that is invaluable to determining how the truck was traveling at the time of the crash. Our trucking accident emergency response team also inspects the truck for any federal motor safety carrier violations and documents all the motor carrier numbers on the truck and trailers to determine who may have been involved in the ownership and operation of these trucks. This information is then used to conduct a full corporate background check on the truck company and the truck driver who may share in the fault for the crash.

Our Law Firm has experienced trucking accident attorneys and has earned millions of dollars in settlements and jury awards for our clients. We have gained recoveries for our clients in 96% of all our cases. Our law group has been able to accomplish these kinds of results due to the firm’s seasoned team of truck accident attorneys. The trucking accident emergency response team will only add to our already successful representation of victims of trucking accidents.

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